HELP: How to get out of being “cheap” labor?

I realized in my early 20s I would often criticize younger me. Now that I’m in my 30s I wish I could find younger me. I never cared what others thought ever. I always stood up for those who had a tough time standing up for themselves. Maybe it’s because the consequences for being bold, outspoken and just plan not giving a fuck were not as life altering as it would be now. I have a family to take care of and they rely on my income as part of our survival. I guess the tricky part is sitting back and watching all the bullshit unfold knowing the more you poke at the unethical the more backlash it will be for you. With that being said how do you stand up for yourself in the professional world without it backfiring on you? I want to have the confidence of not giving AF as I did when I was younger for the right purposes but the consequences are unknown.

I’m cheap labor at my job. With the experience and education I have I bring more to the table than just entry level assistant. But how do I move forward when those who make the decisions of moving me forward benefit greatly from my cheap labor? HELP!

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